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The Mission of Educational Service Unit No. 16 is to provide effective, efficient and equitable services to school districts through visionary leadership.


that people are our most valued resource;

that our school districts' students, staff, and parents shall have equitable access to services based on their needs.

that education is critical to the advancement of an ever-changing global and democratic society;

that all learners should have the opportunity to experience success in a positive learning environment which responds to individual needs;

that an effective organization manages the process of ongoing change and provides for continuous improvement;

that effective communication is essential to the success of our organization;

that effective services require collaboration and cooperation;

that quality education requires the commitment of adequate resources;

that proactive, innovative leadership is vital in all aspects of the organization;

that we must be responsive and accountable to those we serve; and

that students are the ultimate beneficiaries of our services.


Focusing on Leadership and Quality Services

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